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This page contains various documents related to the MAMBA software library: algorithmic implementations, software descriptions, etc. Although these documents and notes address general morphological operators implementation problems, the solutions proposed here are closely linked to the tools which are available in MAMBA. Conversely, as they nevertheless provide solutions, ideas which could be implemented in other software libraries, they cannot be considered as belonging specifically to the MAMBA documentation (some of the algorithmic descriptions given here can also be implemented with other libraries). This is why these documents have been gathered in this page.

When source code is provided, it is written with Mamba1.1.3. You will need to modify it if you use Mamba 2.0 (the Mamba 2 User Manual or this document describe the  changes between Mamba 1 and Mamba 2). 

You will find also the archives of the older Mamba releases (Source code, installers and documentation) which have been removed from the Mamba web page.

The MAMBA 2.0 software documentation (source code, reference manual, user manual, quick reference, etc.) is available here. You  can also use this mirror page which contains the current Windows installers, dependencies and archives.


Fast implementation of large erosions and dilations in Mamba
A complete description of a fast implementation of  large  erosions and dilations  with  hexagons,  squares, dodecagons and octogons. This implementation provides the fastest implementation ever of these basic transformations with a full management of the edge effects. In Mamba 2.0, these algorithms have been applied to fast 3D linear dilations and erosions.

Measures in Mamba
A description of the main stereological measures available in Mamba.

Algorithmic description of erosions and dilations in Mamba
This document is a short description of the basic morphological operators with hexagons, squares, dodecagons and octogons.

Hierarchical Queues: general description and implementation in MAMBA Image library
This paper is a complete description of the use of hierarchical queues in Mamba to implement efficiently watershed transforms and geodesic reconstructions.

Towards a unification of waterfalls, standard and P algorithms
You will find here a general presentation and description of the various hierarchical segmentation algorithms (waterfalls, P algorithm) implemented in Mamba.

About a problem of definition of the geodesic erosion
This note explains the various variants of the geodesic transforms which are contained in the Mamba geodesy module.

Maxima and Minima: A Review
This document describes the new maxima/minima operators included in the Mamba extrema module. The notion of dynamics in particular is revisited.

Basic Morphological Operators Applied On Partitions
This paper shows how to perform basic but also geodesic operations on partitions. A partition is another representation of a graph and this document explains how perform efficient and fast transformations on partitions where each cell is considered as a whole.

Cours "Segmentation Morphologique", MASTER OIV, Université Jean Monnet, Saint-Etienne - Corrigé de l'examen écrit
This document (in french) gives the solutions of the Mathematical Morphology exam set in 2014 for the Master diploma at University Jean Monnet (Saint-Etienne). The solutions have also been implemented in Mamba. The corresponding Python file (for Mamba 1.1.3) is here.

Labelling Operators
This note describes some algorithmic implementations of labellings applied on sets or partitions. These implementations take advantage of specific charactreistics of some Mamba operators. The purpose of this document is also to show that operations which are often implemented with graphs can be efficiently and rapidly performed directly on images. These operators have been added in Mamba 2.0.

Mathematical Morphology Exercises With Mamba (Release 2 - Solutions included)
This document contains a collection of MM exercises which can be realized with Mamba (release 2). This handbook includes the solutions of the exercises. Various topics are addressed: basic notions, filterings, measures, residual operators, homotopic transforms, geodesy, feature extraction, image segmentation. This manual supersedes a former exercise handbook (which did not contained any solution).

You will find in the Mamba download page the Windows installers for the latest version of Mamba (2.0).


Here are the various links to the previous Mamba versions (zip files).

Mamba 1.0 Source archive

Mamba 1.1 Source archive

Mamba 1.1.1 Source archive

Mamba 1.1.2 Source archive

Mamba 1.1.3 Source archive

Mamba Installers
This zip file contains all the Windows installers for all the above Mamba versions. Extract those which interest you. You will find also the old Mamba Realtime Windows installers in this archive.

Mamba 1.1.3 documentation
This zip file contains all the documentation (pdf files) of the Mamba previous version (1.1.3).

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