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Courses on Mathematical Morphology

In my bibliography, a quite large number of courses in french, english and spanish are listed. Some have been written sa books, others as transparencies. More particularly, two one week-courses are part of this second categoriy, and are given in the framework of the european SOCRATE program. Each year since 1995, students from about 15 european engineering school have been welcome in both session, one in November, the other in March. They are given a writtendocument to follow my courses, made of the transparencies, two of them gathered on one page. The lecture is given in english, but according to their choice, students can have a text in english, in spanish or in french. In that way, each transparency projected onto the creen can be simultanously translated.

The two european lectures are detailed hereunder. More precisely :

  • GEI courses : chapters 1 to 10 : Basics in Mathematical Morphology - french, english and spanish versions, spanish version not indexed with keywords.
  • GEI courses : chapters 21 to 26 : Sets and Random Functions - french and english version, indexed with keywords.

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